NASA 3D Guide to the Galaxy – Finally an authoring and playback tool for Mac users

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s PlanetQuest web site is providing visitors with a unique opportunity to interactively explore the vast Milky Way galaxy using “plug in free” X3D technology in Demicron’s WireFusion. The platform-independent interactive 3D visualization and multimedia “Guide” can be navigated in real-time over the Web.

X3D is an open standard for real-time 3D visualization on the Web and networks. WireFusion combines X3D with Java to integrate 3D, 2D, video, audio and Flash into interactive presentations for use on the Web without the need for any plug-ins or special downloads.

WireFusion’s X3D/Java solution is especially appealing to Mac developers and users, where 3D on the web has traditionally been less than accessible.

3D Guide to the Galaxy:


There is a news story at:
which has more details

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