While we set up a system for posting and categorising resources, here’s the archive:

  • Cortona (246)
    Cortona is an ISO VRML97 plugin for web browsers.
  • DESIRE RadVis (152)
    A specialised browser for viewing cosmic radiation information. Can also be used as a general X3D or VRML97 geoemetry viewer — just drag and drop VRML files into the 3D view. It’s based on Xj3D, but ignore sensors and scripts in the VRML files as it is only intended to function as a geometry browser.
  • FreeWRL (757)
    FreeWRL is an open-source(R) VRML and X3D browser written primarily for the Linux (Unix) and OS X platforms.
  • OpenVRML/Lookat (681)
    OpenVRML is a free cross-platform runtime for VRML available under the GNU Lesser General Public License. The basic OpenVRML distribution includes libraries you can use to add VRML support to an application, and Lookat, a simple stand-alone VRML browser.
  • TurnTool ApS (145)
    mac viewer coming up….
  • Xj3D (748)
    The Open Source X3D browser from the Web3D Consortium.