While we set up a system for posting and categorising resources, here’s the archive:

  • 3D Builder (145)
    3D Builder allows you to create an interactive 3D environment which can then be shared over the web via a simple URL
  • Chisel – the Free VRML and X3D Optimisation Tool (903)
    Chisel is a program for improving the quality, performance and reliability of VRML worlds. Chisel offers authors a wide range of tools for working with VRML files: diagnostic tools for locating errors, cleaners for converting dangerous and cluttered code to safe and clean code, lossy and non lossy data reducers, file reorganizers, special effects and compression. Chisel combines the technology found in Trapezium’s Vorlon, the freeware VRML 97 syntax checker in wide use by VRML authors around the world, with advanced 3D information processing techniques with a straightforward user interface.
    Go here for Chisel documentation.
  • FixDefs Perl Script (268)
    Some 3D modelling tools export VRML files with illegal object names (ie containing characters that cause strict VRML tools and browsers to protest). This is particularly common if converting CAD files to VRML. This little Perl script can be used to process VRML files, renaming any offending objects. It’s useful for cleaning up files before adding interactivity or scripts or using them in VRML utilities. See the readme file for usage information.
  • HVRC LOD Tool (207)
    The HVRC LOD Tool is a utility that can be used to construct level-of-detail data from geometry data in ISO VRML97 format. In its interactive mode, it can be used to generate simplified models, visually check the results of the simplifications, and adjust the distances associated with the reduced models. Models can be sorted and replaced, and the results of model simplifications can compared. Both the LOD configuration for a model and the resulting ISO VRML97 files can be saved. In batch mode, LODs are either generated completely automatically (with varying success…) or by using configuration files that control the LOD generation. These are text files that can be configured by hand or be saved as the result of an interactive session. The HVRC LOD Tool is based on Chisel and can be used as a visual alternative to using Chisel directly for polygon optimisation. It also inherits some of Chisel bugs, so backup your model before attempting to reduce it.
  • Poly’s Gone (234)
    Poly’s Gone is a tool that can be used to to convert VRML models into 2D vector lines in a stlyle commonly used in architecture, illustration and documentation.
  • VRML Rotation Applet (246)
    In VRML, you are expected to input rotations as quaternions. If you’re used to thinking in degrees around the X,Y and Z axes of rotation, this can be tricky. So here is a useful applet that will convert from rotations in degrees into quaternions.
  • X3D-Edit OS X Install Instructions
    The noble Travis Rauch has put together a file with a set of instructions for getting X3D-Edit going under Mac OS X. For those willing to tinker a little in return for a free X3D code editor, go to it! UPDATE: we are now hosting the files here on MacWeb3D.org